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New Zealand
I'm a 20 something artist who's been drawing his whole life and making books almost as long. While I've picked up techniques in several different mediums I've mostly kept to pencil/sketch work, and stuff in Photoshop. Overall I'm just a creative guy who always needs to be making something, I find that if I don't satisfy my creative urges... I go insane.

Over the past couple of years I've been keeping occupied with the creation of a zine series entitled: Wannabe With Goat.

For more regular updates and wips of pages check out the Facebook page:…

To purchase an issue or two of Wannabe With Goat swing by the Etsy store:…
While I have everyone's attention, and before I begin writing my novel of a journal entry, if you all could give me some recommendations of music.  Some songs or album you particularly like listening to while being creative, or your favourites, or even whatever you're listening to right now!  No judgements (from me anyway), because I'm quite weird and nerdy myself and fairly open to new experiences.

The past couple of months I've been actively drawing.  What I mean by that is I'm drawing with the goal of improving, setting tasks and goals that will surely move me in that direction.  As opposed to what I've been doing before with wanting to get better and just drawing with the hopes it'll happen eventually.  Which surely works, with it's fantastically epic lows and powerful epiphanies, but slowly and not very well especially when I haven't done any real art study outside of high school (whether or not you could call high school art "real" :shrug: ).  So since February I've been doing figure sketching most days for half to an hour.  I'm working to build that up to each and every day.  On top of that I've also worked at little at my nunchuku skills  bow hunting skills  computer hacking skills  inking skills.
Sacrifices by BorderBreaker

This has been mostly thanks to Mr.:iconwillterrell: and his most excellent youtube videos.  There're plenty of great art resources on the tube but where Will excels is in not just talking about how to make good art but how to be a good artist!  I tend to play his videos on my other monitor while I art because it's really motivating and quite inspirational (also great for breaking that lonely feeling, ya know the one that sometimes happens).  A particular quote that sticks is about how it takes 10 years to become a lawyer or doctor so why should it take any less to become an artist (so much paraphrasing!).  Anyone who want's to cheek him out I recommend starting off with his "people sketching" series.  A great watch and/or listen, you wont regret it!

So I'll be keeping up with actively drawing and will have more things to add to it surely do in the not so distant future!  That alongside keeping up with my own stuff, with issues 13 and 14 still in the works, wedding planning :| , and the billboard commission that was possibly permanently on hiatus is now back on! Yay hurray!


Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 13] by BorderBreaker
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 13]
"Day 13" Draw a younger/child version of your character.
Maybe Tsubasa would have grown to be a sweet kid... if it weren't for that one lolly. I went to a wedding in the weekend and secretly sketched M'ladies young cousins when nothing important was going on. I think that helped with this... a lot.

Days 1 and 2 plus explanation.
FF Type VIII [mash-up] by BorderBreaker
FF Type VIII [mash-up]
I've been very slowly, and secretly, working away at this the past few months. I got the idea while playing through Type 0 of matching up some of the characters with the characters in Final Fantasy VIII; mostly, I think, due to similar themes and setting (two very different games, in case that needed to be added). So I did my best, with the help of M'lady, to find characters in FF Type 0 that shared similar character traits with the main 6 in VIII then played dress up. The match-ups mightn't be perfect, one or two a pretty loose and broad, but I think it's pretty close for the intended purposes.

FF VIII is one of my most favourite games so when it came to doing the clothes I had to get it as accurate as possible! Squall and Rinoa are easy to find high-def images of but the others were a bit of a struggle. I strived to only use official references which drew out the process for quite a while, and is also my the colouring is fairly basic (I've spent enough time on this as is).

The poses were copied from some of the marketing for Type 0, manipulated a little to try and make the plain a little more level. All the characters heights are (meant to be) accurate too, because I'm that kind of nerd.

So a role call (left to right) for those not in the know:
Queen… dressed as Quistis…
Nine… dressed as Zell…
Seven… dressed as Rinoa…
King… dressed as Squall…
Cater… dressed as Selphie…
Jack… dressed as Irvine…

If you think my match-ups are no good or you can think of better match-ups let me know! It'll be interesting hearing other peoples opinions (if anyone else has any on this...).

I gently used WanderingSoul-Stoxes fantastic image for some general texture

Type 0, FF VIII, their respected characters and designs don't belong to me. 
Respect to Square (Soft)Enix and Tetsuya Nomura.
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 12] by BorderBreaker
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 12]
Day 12 Draw a character’s biggest secret.
If you think I'm going to explain this you are dr-eamin', plus it's so symbolically obscure it could mean almost anything! ...or is it? I won't tell. Though I will say, in attempt not to allude to which or what, the secret could be known by readers and Tsubasa but no one else, secret to Tsubasa but not the readers, secret to everyone but me, or something else entirely. Something for you to ponder on, if you like, but I ain't telling(seriously).
So many lines, just you try and rest your eyes! I think I got caught up in the details that I didn't spend enough time looking at the whole thing at a distance, so... expect some silly, avoidable mistakes??(not good enough, man!)

Days 1 and 2 plus explanation.

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