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New Zealand
I'm a 20 something artist who's been drawing his whole life and making books almost as long. While I've picked up techniques in several different mediums I've mostly kept to pencil/sketch work, and stuff in Photoshop. Overall I'm just a creative guy who always needs to be making something, I find that if I don't satisfy my creative urges... I go insane.

Over the past couple of years I've been keeping occupied with the creation of a zine series entitled: Wannabe With Goat.

For more regular updates and wips of pages check out the Facebook page:…

To purchase an issue or two of Wannabe With Goat swing by the Etsy store:…
Lets just pretend it's still February for a little...

Yay! Another year!
The Border Breaker [strike] by BorderBreaker
All right, that'll do.

I've recently bought a Cintiq 22hd which I'm still getting used to. Will be looking for a corner desk(something I've always wanted) to give me more room and comfort. 

I also noticed today that it's been just over a year since I started doing figure drawing practice. 77 practices come to 0.21 practices a day.... not good enough. I need to get that to once a day. Still, 77 form nothing is pretty damn good.

So, busy busy busy as per usual. I'm working on a collaborative comic with the amazing :iconkatmilo:, with much excitement, doing character/story concepts and possibly starting up developing the first chapter. Then I'm doing illustrations for another friends kids book. I'm planning on doing it mostly traditional so I can get most of it done during the down time of my day job. Working on character designs for that, will be sitting down with the author soon to split up the text into spreads and decide on what's to be drawn. On top of that I've got a skateboard deck (1 of 3) that I'll whip up something for and try to sell to Billboard Man, because Cintiq's don't pay for themselves. Now I've another friend asking me about a commission, not sure if I'll be agreeing just yet, and of course it's my wife's birthday soon so I'll be having to draw something for that.

I'm feeling exhausted and my barely existing social skills are waning. But I think I might just be able to do this.

Take care of yourselves everyone, and thanks for another great year.


Summoning Strength [Binary] by BorderBreaker
Summoning Strength [Binary]
The out come of an experiment with new tools while working on Summoning Strength by BorderBreaker
Summoning Strength by BorderBreaker
Summoning Strength
This is Daja Duffy, my wife's character from FF XIV, in her (main) role as a summoner. A part birthday present and part payment for my new corner desk.

While experimenting with Manga Studios tonal correction tools I saw one called "Binarization". WTF's binarization? I didn't know either at the time but I know now that it unleashes awesome:
Summoning Strength [Binary] by BorderBreaker
White Rabbit by BorderBreaker
White Rabbit
An idea for a variation of the White Rabbit I had while absently drawing at work. I thought it'd be kind of darkly-twisted if I made her blind so that she'd never be able to read her pocket-watch but would be slowly tortured by it's constant ticking. Time's still passing, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!
Fight Back! by BorderBreaker
Fight Back!
One (of 3) of my wife's very first birthday gifts. It's Mikasa from "Attack on Titan" (or Shingeki no Kyojin for those purists out there), replicated from a frame of the anime. Been a while since I've dusted off the old graphites.

Copy Cat.
Mikasa and Shingeki no Kyojin don't belong to me.
Respect to Hajime Isayama and Kodansha Ltd.


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