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I'm a 20 something artist who's been drawing his whole life and making books almost as long. While I've picked up techniques in several different mediums I've mostly kept to pencil/sketch work, and stuff in Photoshop. Overall I'm just a creative guy who always needs to be making something, I find that if I don't satisfy my creative urges... I go insane.

Over the past couple of years I've been keeping occupied with the creation of a zine series entitled: Wannabe With Goat.

For more regular updates and wips of pages check out the Facebook page:…

To purchase an issue or two of Wannabe With Goat swing by the Etsy store:…
With a couple weeks past I suppose it's time to talk about the Winter Zine Market...

But first I should point out that my wedding day is soonish and I'll soon begin the process of freaking the hell out.  Because of this the time I spend on here might/should reduce, so if I don't comment or submit stuff at what might seem my "regular" pace or if I completely disappear for a bit, that'd be why.  I'll still be doing the "30 day" OC challenge in my down time at work and uploading that, so that's something.

So, the market!  It was at a different location form where the Zinefest has been held in the past, slightly smaller venue but a hand full of stall holders didn't show so there was plenty of room.  I had some concerns with the impact of the market being held on the same day as Armageddon.  Fortunately(?) there was also a Comic-con sponsored gallery just downstairs (the guy who paints the metal album covers and stuff, freaking awesome stuff!) so there was a bit of shared draw because of that.  Even the artist himself (who was painting live in the gallery) came up for a bit of a look. 

Because of Wellington I had to traverse a few blocks in the icy cold wind and rain carrying all my possessions (interestingly I found a car park near where I used to do kung-fu training, which was also on a Saturday. So much nostalgia).  So because I got finely coated with Wellington's middle finger to humanity (one of many I should add), and probably also due to having just had a hair cut, and maybe also a butterfly flapped it's wings just right, I ended up with a bit of a head cold.  I didn't say much or engage with many people at the event, because I have 0 interaction skills and M'lady wasn't present to help me out, and my head was beginning to kill me so people probably assumed I was a particularly grumpy, brooding anti-social kinda guy (which is alarmingly accurate!).  I did get some drawing done, which is good.  I also saw a talked to some of the "regulars" and people who haven't made an appearance (as far as I know) in years!

I need to force myself to make a new promo poster for the next event I got to (which won't be this year due to the aforementioned wedding) because this one's getting a bit dated now...

The issue I had going to the Zine Market is that I haven't released anything since The Zinefest last year!  I felt bad taking up a table with nothing new to show so two days before the even I quickly whipped up some mini-zines of true, and possibly humorous, stories.  I had them photocopied Saturday morning before the event. I've put them below for you to read, if you like.

Best Compliment by BorderBreaker  Boss Cat by BorderBreaker

Slept In by BorderBreaker  Yeah, Science by BorderBreaker

Of course after photocopying them all I think of a better main title for them.... silly.  Something interesting I did noticed was my favourite one sold the least, and the one I like least seemed the most popular.  ...Of course.


Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 16 and 17] by BorderBreaker
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 16 and 17]
Day 16(left) Draw a rivalry between two characters.
Alderic Nivelle holds a powerful grudge against Ryou. Kind of a Vegeta-Goku type deal.   I'm digging the pencil/marker style, will keep it up. Also tried a new technique for the leather, which was done with india ink and a brush(this one part was done at home, obviously)

Day 17 Draw a character’s typical interaction with their friend and/or love interest.
Sethe and Kesiah. I'm not sure if his current witticism is working out too well...   Another marker on it's way out. Another trip to the art store.

Days 1 and 2 plus explanation.
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 15] by BorderBreaker
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 15]
"Day 15" Draw a character’s biggest regret.
Introducing miss Amala Jagarlamudi. I had some time left after I finished this one and couldn't remember what the next challenge was, so I decided to throw in a little colour with some pencils. Not sure if I'll keep her hair this colour, just wanted something unusual and attention grabbing. I think the pencil/marker combo works quite well. Additionally I need to remember that just because I've redrawn a hand three times doesn't mean I can go drawing it slightly too large...

Days 1 and 2 plus explanation.
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 14] by BorderBreaker
Force 30 Day Challenge [Day 14]
I noticed the list I'm working off repeated "day 13". I guess since "Draw what a character is like in the past" and "Draw a younger/child version of your character" are pretty much the same thing. Because I can't suddenly call it "31" day challenge and already planned what I want to do (and too excited to give it up), I've put these two together as day 14, as they cover the same character.

"Day 14A" (left) Draw what a character is like in the past.

Young Oimikado Hiroto back when he was an energetic young man. It was interesting designing what a character would look like based off what they look like older. It felt very backwards.

"Day 14B" Draw what
 a character is like in the future?
Hiroto again. Poor guy used to have such a lovely head of hair. I need to work on circles. Also at what point would you put on the "mature, violence" filter?

Days 1 and 2 plus explanation.

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